The Hardy BoysYou are again here to save the day!

Hulu’s teaser trailer for Season 2 The Hardy Boys starts with a Bridgeport resident saying “things are finally starting to feel normal again”—which is how you know that things definitely won’tBe normal and continue to be normal.

All of the action picks up six months after the end of season one. When a classmate of theirs goes missing in the woods, Frank (Rohan CampbellJoe Hardy (Alexander ElliotThey will have to give up their lives in order to be crime-solving sleuths. 

But this is not your everyday case.

Hulu says that when they realize the mysterious relic they lost last year is still being used, it is clear that their case of missing persons is part of something more sinister.

All manner of things begin to fall apart about Bridgeport, its inhabitants and the rest of the world.