The Hardy Boys are back—and things are getting paranormal. 

FrankRohan CampbellJoe (Alexander Elliott)—the titular Hardy Boys—and their friends are forced to deal with some peculiar and other-worldly occurrences in this exclusive look at season two of Hulu’s The Hardy Boys, premiering April 6.

Season two begins six months after season 1. They are investigating the deaths of their mother, and the theft from a radioactive Egyptian icon.

Frank and Joe are back to solving the mysterious disappearance of a classmate.

The world is at the edge of its own destruction Hardy Boys!

Frank states, “If there’s one thing we’ve learned last year it’s that you can’t believe anyone.”

These are wise words that you can live by.

The everyday events in their lives become more mysterious as the mystery surrounding their friend’s disappearance grows. 

Frank tells Frank, “There’s another thing I forgot to share with you,” that he has had strange dreams.

This is a bad sign.