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Don’t be distracted if you’re not watching Love is BlindNetflix Season 2, what are you watching? The second season is better than the previous one. It is fascinating to see the cast dynamic. How many couples can they keep going? What happens to the couples who break up after being connected in pods? It’s a very high-stakes game. You can’t deny that cast members become engaged in the midst of their work without even seeing each other. However, we all processed the shocking premise of the show during Season 1. There’s one question that everyone is asking: What’s the deal with those gold cups? Love is Blind? Why do they appear everywhere?

Because they were being kept in an environment controlled at the time, it was natural that they were inside the pods. Finally, they made it to Mexico and found an all-inclusive resort. This is a strange coincidence. The couple was able to meet their family and friends in Chicago after they had returned home. still These same glasses are used for wine. They had these glasses when shopping for wedding dresses or tuxes. That’s it. So This is no coincidence.