He was back just when we thought it was over. Robbie Amell came back in a flash! 

Amell quit the CW. The Flash back in 2020, he’s making a comeback and will reprise his role as Ronnie Raymond on April 13. CelebHomes News spoke with the actor to discuss his experience returning to the show and the joy of reuniting as a cast member. 

Amell’s return was a subject of much conversation. “They have asked me in the past but I’ve always wanted too but a lot comes down to scheduling problems,” explained the 33-yearold. “So fortunately this one just worked out really well.”

He continued, “It was such a joy to be there.” I hadn’t seen them before.” Danielle [Panabaker]I had never seen it! Grant [Gustin]It will be forever. Grant and I had not spoken about children in person for so many years.

Panabaker and Amell tried to get in touch while he was filming Prime Video’s Vancouver. UploadCOVID-19 was a hindrance. He stated, “It was just not working out. It was so great to be able to spend my time.” [also]To celebrate the show’s success.”