The FlashI am getting ready for the sunset.

The news that The CW’s super-hero drama The CW would wind down after nine seasons was shocking. Grant GustinI took time to think about the series, and to thank all the fans.

He began the Instagram video with “By now maybe most of your have seen news”, but he didn’t know if some people had. “This week, we revealed that season 9 of The FlashThe final season will be bittersweet. This has been an extraordinary nearly ten year experience playing the role and being a part this amazing show’s cast and crew.

Since October 2014, Gustin (32 years old) has played the role of Barry Allen’s titular speedster. 

The show’s fans are what have allowed us to continue for so long. Glee alum continued. I’m excited to finish this project on my own terms. Every minute will be wonderful. Thank you so much for supporting this show.