Ezra MillerHe is in legal trouble following a night on the town of Hawaii.
It Wallflowers have many perks star was arrested on early Monday, March 28 in Hawaii after being charged with disorderly conduct and harassment. 
CelebHomes News has obtained the police report that South Hilo Patrol Officers were called to assist with a disturbance at a bar in South Hilo on March 27. This is the The Flash star, 29, allegedly became “agitated” when other people started singing karaoke at the bar. 
Miller, police say, started shouting obscenities at a woman who was 23 years old and took the microphone. The incident has been labelled a disorderly behavior offense. The police claim that the harassment charge was committed when they attacked a darts player. (Miller uses they/them pronouns).

The bar owner reportedly demanded the Justice League star to “calm down” multiple times, but they did not, per the police report.

Miller was arrested on both offenses, however, they were later released after posting $500 bail.