Alexa, please play “Call Me Irresponsible”, by Frank Sinatra.

We have finally set a date for the premiere! Euphoria, starring Emmy Award–winning actress ZendayaThe second season of, airs on HBO Max January 9th. A trailer of the new season was shared by Teen Drama on Twitter Nov. 23. We have much to look forward. 

Rue Bennett (Zendaya), who is seen dancing in the background to Sinatra, appears to be opening the trailer. Rue explained that when we are young, it feels like everything is permanent. Rue says that everything seems so stable when we are younger, but as we get older it becomes clearer what is possible and how people can change.

After a minute, the trailer switches to images of violence and guns as Rue runs away from police. It ends with Gia, her little sister.Storm Reid() Asking her: “Are your high?” 

We have really missed Bennett’s family.