The Dropout Although it may all be related to the Theranos scandal you shouldn’t be surprised to laugh while watching Hulu.

When I watched the first episodes, which detail Elizabeth HolmesAfter the short-lived success of this product, I was able to laugh and then stop immediately, asking “Should it be so?” The Stanford Dropout conned investors into spending millions on a product that didn’t work.

But showrunner Liz Meriwether told me in a recent interview, “Yes, it’s okay to laugh! You will find some hilarious moments.

However, Liz pointed out that it was not her intention. “I certainly wasn’t wanting to make fun of her or make fun of other people in the show,” Liz explained. “I wanted to be open-minded and embrace her awkwardness.”

Elle added that she was trying to tell the story the best I could based only on what I knew.

This approach to Elizabeth’s story is what sets it apart. The DropoutApart from numerous podcasts and documentaries, there are also articles on the topic. Elizabeth is now available for viewers to see. Amanda SeyfriedWithout casting any judgment,, became the CEO of multi-million-dollar company.