Leighton Meester is pleased to welcome baby No. 2 with Adam Brody

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In an interview, Leighton spoke out about her parenting philosophy. Cosmopolitan UKReleased March 3. Released March 3. The Weekend AwayThe actress said that she was able to sympathize with Beth as a mom on her first vacation after giving birth.

According to her, she said “I was really excited about being a pregnant woman who is having a weekend away” which she described as “the most thrilling and terrifying prospect of all when you have a baby.”

Leighton stated that she had been in Leighton’s shoes at some point.

Leighton stated that she felt that this character was one that could be easily understood, slipped into and had compassion for. The script breakdown was like having a 30-year-old child with a 10-month-old. It felt like I was looking at a movie screenwriter and it seemed exactly like me.