Doctors of New AmsterdamIt willIt is notWe are waiting for you. 

At least, not in this exclusive sneak peek of April 18’s all-new episode, in which the medical pros are enjoying a rare night on the town. And though they are sure to regret their choices in the morning—the bartender even cuts off a very drunk Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine)—that’s not going to stop them from partying tonight.

Take Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan EggoldFor example, One minute he’s on stage rocking out to “Shake Your Groove Thing” alongside Dr. Elizabeth Wilder (Sandra Mae FrankHe’s a playful signer of the tune and dancer, while the next he jumps for joy at Dr. Helen Sharpe, his girlfriend.Freema Agyeman() has just arrived at the airport.

“How can we escape this place?” Helen is eager to answer Max’s question after he has given her a warm kiss. She’s still not ready to give up so quickly.