2. The Banner of Heaven

In the middle of The Banner of Heaven—adapted from Jon Krakauer‘s bestselling book of the same name—is the real-life murder of a young woman, Brenda, and her infant daughter, Erica. But beyond the tragic events that befell the pair in 1984 is a complicated web of violence and religious extremism, specifically pertaining to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Mormon fundamentalism. Jeb Pyre, a fictional detective played by Andrew Garfield), who, so far, has done an impressive job of shouldering the show’s emotional weight, as Jeb’s a Mormon himself. 

The Banner of HeavenThe whole show is an excellent example of storytelling. There’s no easy way to interrogate a centuries-old religion, and while the show can be unnecessarily complex at times, it manages to chronicle the descent from mainstream Mormonism to fanatical fundamentalism while also interweaving the history of LDS founder Joseph SmithHe, his wife EmmaThe competing prophet Brigham Young quite seamlessly. 

Suffice to say, The Banner of HeavenThis is a well-worth watching. This is a fascinating, thought-provoking and thrilling show that will entertain everyone who has any interest in true crime.