They are expecting a baby soon. 

Two months after Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols had their official dream wedding, The Challenge stars exclusively confirmed to CelebHomes News that they are expecting baby No. 2. 

“I was ecstatic, extremely excitedAnd overjoyed,” Zach shared with CelebHomes News when recalling his reaction to the news. I want my children to be close to my siblings in age. This is like having your best friend as a buddy. Unfortunately, it occurred on the second attempt.

They are already the parents of a 9-month old child. Anthony NicholsOne who is well-known on social media.

Jenna is feeling good so far with her second pregnancy, and she hasn’t fallen sick yet.

She stated that she is continuing her daily routine, and can still make it to the gym. “This keeps me happy.” “I feel that my body has a plan and I have a better idea of how the pregnancy will go. There are fewer wonders and more questions, that’s certain!