ChainsmokersYou are back.

Here’s a catchy one: This DJ duo is comprised of Alex PallAnd Drew TaggartThey announced their social media hiatus in February 2020. Since then, the pair have largely kept quiet about their life—until recently when videos starring two men who looked similar to Alex and Drew began popping up on The Chainsmokers’ verified TikTok page.

One of the posts featured the two look-alikes reacting to a video with with the hashtag “conspiracy” posted by TikTok user @SUGENE, who joked in it that Alex and Pall “underwent a lot of plastic surgery” during their hiatus and now “look completely different.” Chainsmokers responded with “Why would they mess with perfection?” 

Meanwhile, another video showed the doppelgängers responding to a claim that it would be “easy” for The Chainsmokers to be replaced with body doubles since they “look like just two regular white guys.” According to the band, this conspiracy theory is absurd.