This story contains spoilersBoys season three.

Is it the end of Billy Butcher’s supre fighting days?

The BoysFearless leaderKarl UrbanIn the finale of season 3, he was given a shock diagnosis: He is dying from too much Temp V.

Butcher is told by a doctor that further treatment could significantly affect your quality of living, but not necessarily extend the amount of time you already have.

Butcher inquires about his time remaining and the doctor responds, “Months.” 12 on the outside.

Starlight’s warning that the death penalty was on its way (although we already knew it),Erin MoriartyButcher was a fighter against the deadly side effects of the drug. Despite the dire diagnosis, it seems that Butcher isn’t quite ready to give up the fight against superheroes, telling his friends that Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit“Definitely got to go” is the description of a dangerous supe currently running for Vice President.

This sets the stage to season 4, which was revealed back in June. So, we turned to Karl for answers on what’s to come for our favorite hero-hating Brit—and he seemed just as excited as we are for the next installment.