(Warning! The below spoilers may be found in the following sections The BoysSeason three.

The BoysTheir trick is just the beginning.

Hughie, a Prime Video super hero series that aired on June 10, is featured in the episode.Jack QuaidBilly’s lead (Karl Urban) by taking the untested temporary Compound V. Like Billy earlier this season, Hughie found himself with temporary powers, including the ability to teleport and super strength. The moment was not only exciting for home viewers, Jack revealed exclusively to CelebHomes News that the new ability he had on-screen made him “so excited”.

He shared that the superhero in him was “the kid in me” and was so happy to have been a part of it.[X-Men comic book character]Nightcrawler was always one of my favourite superheroes. It was so amazing that I could teleport.

But, Nightcrawler is not naked like Hughie. CelebHomes was astonished when he said, “Didn’t come without cost.”[Hughie]had to be naked.

Jack was not a fan of the idea, but he liked how it helped with the larger story. He said that he’s always been a good person but Compounded V makes him feel the power. It’s something he loves, he says.