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We all desire to shine, but having shiny skin after applying makeup may not be one of these things. The Nanoblur cream by Indeed Labs may make greasy skin disappear. Although it is nearly always out of stock, the product has been restocked. EuphoriaHead makeup artist at a company Doniella Davy uses this product on the cast, which she confirmed to Huda Beauty.

Doniella stated, “I try not to use too much powder during set because it can build up over the period of a fourteen-hour work day and cause the skin to get too dry.” Nanoblur helps me make foundation formulas more creamy and dewy without looking too shiny.

Doniella explains how she applies the product. Nanoblur is used primarily to improve the shine of her T-Zone. She said that Nanoblur is an anti-shine cream she applies with a beauty blend over foundation.

The brand claims that Nanoblur blurs and filters skin instantly, minimising the appearance of large pores, shine and wrinkles. It leaves skin silky smooth and soft. According to Indeed Labs, there are three ways you can apply it: under makeup or on the skin. But, is one way more effective than the other? Are the benefits worth it? This is an honest review.