Keeping your home looking, sleek fresh, and modern can, at times, feel like a difficult task. This needn’t be the case, however. Knowing what’s popular in design, and incorporating this subtly into your home will make it look well-cared for and up to date, without being overly time-consuming. Here are some of the currently most popular trends in home design that you can add to your home right now. 

Making the Most of Your Space

Space is becoming more and more of a premium in modern times. This has led to designers coming up with new and innovative ideas to truly maximise the look and utility of each room. This can be accomplished in numerous ways.  You could install queen bed frames in rooms which would not normally accommodate full doubles, for example. This can be an easy way of converting a space with no obvious practical use into a smart second or guest bedroom. 

Wall installations are another great way of being design-conscious and space-efficient. As an example, neon lights especially are seeing a rapid rise in popularity at the moment, and can give a room a truly outstanding, personalised finish. Alternatively, art installations remain ever popular, and these can also be easily customised to fit personal tastes. Whatever your preferences are however, you shouldn’t let your creativity be limited by space restrictions.

Creative Light Fixtures

The lighting of your interior is always vital, no matter what style is in. Over- or under-illuminated rooms can look shabby and unappealing, so you want to avoid this at all costs. Creative and artful light fixtures can ensure your home is well lit while also making it look that much more chic and modern. LED lighting is a particularly big trend in interior design at the moment because they are versatile and can easily be installed anywhere. They are also more energy efficient and produce less heat than traditional lighting. 

You can even experiment with differently coloured lights to accentuate a room’s particular features. Soft blue, yellow or even green tinted lights will give spaces a prominent, avant-garde look, sure to prove your credentials as a designer!

Vibrant Colours

Muted, soft colour pallets have dominated design blogs and living spaces in recent times. This is because they give your home a clean, calming look that is highly welcoming. Nowadays however, designers are also encouraging people to add touches of brighter vibrant colour, to create a stark and rousing contrast in combination with subtler colour schemes. Try adding a few items of bright furniture in blue or yellow against a muted backdrop, to really make the pieces pop. Alternatively, softer shades of blue or pink on your walls can really make a room stand out, without making them appear overbearingly loud or gauche. 


One of the biggest interior design trends of 2021 is known as Japandi. This design philosophy combines the styles of well-known Scandinavian and Japanese designers of the 1950s, and is distinguished by striking, minimal lines combined with earthy, neutral colour tones. What’s more, its inherent simplicity means that it can be incorporated into your home with just a few simple flourishes. Consider adding a Scandinavian-inspired light, wooden table to your home-office, for example. Or, you could incorporate a few pieces of Japan-inspired plant life into your living space, such as bamboo, or a bonsai tree.