Hosting parties at home can be some of the most fun and relaxing parties for the holidays and it’s always interesting to see the trends of foods and beverages we bring to the table year after year. Some things, like turkey for Thanksgiving, and Christmas cookies, are tried, true, and unchanging, while other things, like the plethora of jello molds of the 70’s are thankfully a passing phase. 

The holiday spread has undergone some modifications in recent years. Here’s what we chose to do. driNk. As cultural preferences change, and more things are readily available, so has the beverage industry. 

Not too long ago, the standard beverages were things like sodas, sweet teas, and alcoholic drinks, but the industry has seen changes as many people are becoming more health-conscious about what they’re drinking. Soda sales have declined over the last 10 years due to low-carb and other health trends. 

Functional water, organic beverages and various coffees have become the most popular beverages today.), flavored teas, and even non-alcoholic “mocktails” for those who are health-conscious but still want the sophisticated flavors of a cocktail. 

This new decade offers holiday parties that are full of flavour and a touch of exercise.

The Rise of the Mocktail