CelebHomes: What are you most fond of about Amazon shopping?
RK. They carry everything and keep adding new brands. Every day I am amazed by the brands that Amazon carries. They carry Coach, Doc Martens and New Balance. They have So many There are many good brands there. You can get your gift quickly, making them a great choice for those who need it last minute. There is something for everybody. You can find items for home, electronics, fashion and even electronic gadgets. You can either find the perfect gift for someone you care about or it will be a great present for you.

MJ. There isn’t a lot you can buy for everybody in your life. Amazon makes it easy for everyone to shop at Amazon. It should be that easy for us. Since I was a Prime member, it has been an honor. It is the best. Amazon has made it so easy to get things almost instantly. It’s also the ideal place to shop last-minute, Rachael stated.

CelebHomes: Which items do you buy on repeat from Amazon?
RK: I buy a lot of my skincare and makeup there. This is the sunscreen I can’t live without. This sunscreen is what I use almost every day. It’s great to know I can get it within days. Amazon has everything I need for my hair, skin, nail, and cooking needs. There are also household items that you buy regularly, such as paper towels. The easiest option is to order them from Amazon.

Amazon allows me to test new products, even though I tend to buy repeats of many items. It’s easy to get caught up in reading reviews, and automated recommendations that are right on the mark. I am more likely to try new items on Amazon than anywhere else because  I will get it in a day or two. Sometimes, the “Buy Now!” button can prove dangerous. The instant gratification that I can try these products, which I discovered on TikTok, is what I like.