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Are you familiar with the It Girls, who always have their hair down? Is it not so for me? My hair is a complete mess, and I don’t find it chic. What do I have to do to attain effortless sophistication? It’s the season of The BachelorI found it very difficult to watch the therapy group dates. Gabby WindeyShe did her hair. She looked cool and refined with her perfectly untied hair.

Gabby posted on TikTok that she was also curious. “You guys requested a tutorial for hair, and I’m going to do my best. It’s a bit lazy for me, and I regret it. You can always improve. Gabby, you’re not too worried. “Kind of lazy” is the exact type of tutorial that I need.

Gabby shared the products that she used to achieve her cool look. Gabby also joked about how “I have a middle because… We do what Gen Z says.” We do.

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