CelebHomes: What are your Mother’s Day celebrations this year?
CGL: Mother’s Day will be celebrated at home in this year’s CGL. As a family, we will likely try a different game/activity and then relax. My kids or Sean might even be interested in a relaxing massage.

CelebHomes: Let us know about your relationship with Mrs. T’s Pierogies. 
CGL: I have been a Mrs. T’s Pierogies fan for years, since I lived in Seattle! These are my go-to products in our home. When the brand reached out to me regarding collaborating on the second Mrs. T’s All Star Moms campaign, it was a great opportunity and a huge honor. Motherhood is so satisfying and fulfilling. But it is not easy to have time for the things you love. That is why I loved this All-Star Moms campaign.

CelebHomes: Explain why it is so important for moms to make the time for their own personal interests aside and tips for moms to have more balance in their lives.
CGL: Mrs. T’s recent survey revealed that 95% have a hobby. However, almost all (87%) of these moms experience obstacles that prevent them from pursuing their interests and hobbies. Mother’s Day is approaching and Mrs. T’s realized that the top barriers were lack of time, money and other responsibilities.

Making time for yourself is something I love. My two main ways of doing this are to combine my hobbies with my other activities and make time for myself throughout my day. So, for example, my Air Fried Mini Pierogi Shrimp Tempura Bowl is my favorite recipe. I also love to make it while I study the sheet music and practice on the piano that day.