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The Bachelor Alum Becca Tilley Hayley KiyokoThey have been together for 4 years and publicly confirmed their love in May 2022. They spoke more about their relationship during an Amazon Live session where they shared some of their favourite beauty products and clothes as well as books they love. Reality TV veteran Hayley said that this was a very familiar scenario where she shows Hayley products and clothes that she loves, and she then watches me closely and offers her opinions. This is very normal. Hayley agreed, saying that “It feels very natural.” 

During the Amazon Live stream, Becca said “We’re just excited to be celebrating Pride. It was our first celebration as a couple. Becca clarified, “We have been out, but now we are out to everyone.” It’s truly special and enjoyable,” Hayley said. “I’ve always been proud of Becca. I’m glad we get to share this love with you.”

The duo shares some favorite products but they have different styles. Becca’s “holy-grail” fashion essential-have is included in their roundup.