Ellen shared on her Instagram Story that she didn’t know Jed would propose to Ellen days before her birthday. Ellen added that she “sobbed the wholeeeee time.” “I’ve always dreamed of this man all my life…I cannot believe that you are here with me forever!”

She also expressed her gratitude for Jed’s large, oval-cut engagement ring. The trainer posted a video and wrote, “BABE DID SO GOOD!” 

“It’s safe for me to say Friday night was my best birthday ever!” Ellen shared her thoughts in an Instagram post. “I knew this man was my husband the moment I met him.”  

Ellen called Jed the “biggest blessing in my life” and said that Jed had “taught him so much about relationships. fitness. animals. The variety of rocks. music. And have been so patient.

“Despite all of the challenges, we’ve always stood by each other. She continued, “We always choose one another at the end,” It doesn’t matter how difficult the day may be, you have always been there for us. This is the most amazing love I’ve ever experienced. It’s amazing that I will be able to spend the rest of my days with you. “Here’s to forever!” 

Their engagement announcement was shared on social media. Bachelor Nation star Bachelor Nation dropped in the comments section, to show their support. Dylan BarbourKatie MortonLuke Stone and more. Hannah Godwin wrote, “Yay! We are so happy for you both. 

In November 2019, Jed and Ellen announced their relationship on Instagram. In the past, he was in a relationship with Hannah. However, they broke up after rumors swirled that he was dating someone else. Haley StevensWhile on ABC’s show. Jed later said he was “not a cheater” and that he and Haley were not in an exclusive relationship.