Rachel’s choice was made elsewhere ZachFor her Amsterdam one-on-one meeting, which didn’t go well Tino.

“You can’t help when you don’t get the date card to be like, ‘What the f–k?,'” Tino said. Right now all that I know is that Zach won the incredible one-on-one. He has won the second. It is very heartbreaking.”

After an afternoon spent galloping through tulip fields and a romantic dinner in the middle of an art museum—in which Zach revealed he recently lost 85 pounds and the two bonded over their appreciation for the value of therapy—Rachel gave Zach a rose and an official invite to hometown dates next week.

Gabby and Nate said farewell to each other after a heartfelt goodbye. Gabby then treated her remaining male friends to a group date. This was intended to be very sexy but turned out to be extremely awkward. After entering a dark room, they were introduced to a sex expert dressed in all-leather and holding a huge whip. 

A variety of exercises were performed on the men to assess their sexual desires. JohnnyHe was the only one to embrace it fully, and the other guys mostly laughed at the discomfort.

Logan stated, “I kind of hoped today would be the deep diving into who and what we are.” I am blindfolded, laying on a shag floor waiting for her to put whipped cream on me nipples. 

Logan the Host Jesse PalmerGabby was informed by Logan that he had been tested for COVID after their group date. The cocktail party that night was canceled. 

Logan’s fate on the show wasn’t discussed, but it doesn’t appear that Logan will be back.