Three stars Afterparty snagged an exclusive invite for season two!

Sam RichardsonAnd Zoë ChaoThe Apple TV+ murder mystery series will see them back in season 2. They are joining Tiffany HaddishIt was returned in March by. 

Tiffany will reprise her role as Det. The streamer said that Danner will return to solving another murder at a marriage. Sam and Zoë will reprise their roles of Aniq and Zoe from season one, which took place at the afterparty of a high school reunion. 

At the end of the first season, Aniq and Zoë hook up, so could this be their wedding? It could be, Det. Danner is involved, it’s safe to say married life isn’t off to a great start!

The second season of AfterpartySome of the best television shows are open to everyone: The Office star Zach Woods, Weeds star Elizabeth Perkins, Hacksstar Poppy Liu  PEN15‘s Anna Konkle.

Paul Walter HauserJack WhitehallAnd Vivian WuThe ensemble is complete with a stunning finishing touch.