Maya RudolphIs putting the work into werkWith her brand new series, she brings comedy to the street. Loot.

Molly follows a new-single millionaire Molly after her divorce from John Novak (tech CEO), played by the King of workplace comedy Adam Scott. After their divorce, she continues to an Eat, Pray and LoveNicholas her assistant, and they party the night away.Joel Kim Booster). 

However, after an awkward moment with the a StingMolly, a clone of her donor foundation’s founder, is asked to get clean. The group asked Molly to clean up her act, but she needs a purpose and so sets out for a better life.

While Loot It doesn’t feel like workplace comedy, but Apple TV+’s large budget sets make it seem very similar Parks Recreation and 30 Rock—It is not. That Surprisingly Parks Rec and 30 RockFor writers Alan Yang Matt HubbardAre Loot‘s showrunners.

The familiarity of this genre is good news to lovers, but bad news for those on our watch list.