Thandiwe Newton I would love to exchange a few words with you Sean Penn.

The actress wrote a Twitter attack on the 61 year-old actor after he said that American men have become “wildly feminized”. “@SeanPenn Dude, what do you SAY-ING?” she wrote on Jan. 30. You want to be REAL? You’re a jibbering FOOL. “MF, you were once sexy. Now you’re just tragic.”

And, when she learned he had doubled down on his remarks in a follow-up interview alongside daughter Dylan PennShe had more. “Infront of your DAUGHTER!” Thandiwe posted a tweet about the 30-year old, whose mother is Robin Wright. “The poor mite. Thank God her Mum’s so dope. Stop destroying the beauty of #LicoricePizza by this absurdity.”

Sean spoke to U.K. outlet earlier in JanuaryI that “there has been an absence of male behavior” and he didn’t think “to be fair to women” that men “should become them.” Last week, Oscar-winner Oscar reiterated his views on masculinity as he spoke with his daughter. The Independent.