Some people win, some lose. 

Terry BradshawAnd his eight year-old grand-daughter ZurieTonight’s new episode featured a competition between horse shows. The Bradshaw Bunch

The duo made sure to place a bet beforehand, and the terms were as follows: If Zurie won, Terry had to buy her a wagon horse, and if Terry won, Zurie had to give him a foot massage.

Although this last task may not seem so difficult, think about what Terry was saying to his daughter RachelJust a few months back, as shown by this a Bradshaw BunchFlashback: If I cut off that toenail, it would bounce back off the ground. This toenail would weigh about half a pound.

There’s no way Terry was backing down, either. Zurie was also warned by him, “It’s impossible for you to beat me.” “And if you believe that I won’t cut you any slack because you’re eight-years old, then you have another problem comin’ girl!”

Let’s just say Zurie DidTerry was defeated.