Teri HatcherIs it possible to open up about difficult topics?

CelebHomes News guest hosts Daily PopAssoc. Justin SylvesterAnd Loni Love on Thursday, Jan. 20, the Housewives in desperate need alum shared that, while in her early 40s, she experienced a miscarriage while trying to have her second child.

As the hosts discussed it, this topic was brought up. Ginnifer Goodwin‘s offer to donate her husband Josh DallasI donated my sperm to a friend who was interested in becoming a mom. Hatcher stated that Love had made the same decision once when she said, “Just get a donor sperm.”

The 57 year old told us earlier this morning that she did it. It didn’t go my way, but it was something I wanted to do. I did that and got a donor sperm. I was actually miscarried. 

Still, Hatcher—who shares daughter Emerson24 with ex Jon Tenney—admitted the process of picking a sperm donor was actually “kind of fun.”