No one understands teenage angst more than they do Tegan, Sara.

Amazon Freevee launched the first teaser on Aug. 12. High School, a series based on the memoir of the same name by the beloved indie pop duo.

The trailer traces the formative sometimes co-dependent upbringing of the identical twins, played by TikTok creators Railey and Seazynn GillilandIn their Alberta home.

Simone, the mother of twins Simone (pictured above), said that they had to share all their possessions.Cobie Mulders) says. This could be an opportunity to meet your friends.

While the girls explore their own interests—including romantic partners—it’s music that brings them together. 

The trailer features the girls collaborating on the song “Tegan Didn’t Go to School Today.” Their audiobook featured a demo version. 

High School is a story about finding your own identity—a journey made even more complicated when you have a twin whose own struggle and self-discovery so closely mimic your own,” according to the streamer. “Told through a backdrop of ‘90s grunge and rave culture, the series weaves between parallel and discordant memories of twin sisters growing up down the hall from one another.”