Cheyenne Floyd And Cory Wharton“The road to recovery for a mother is open” 

It Teen Mom parents and had to take their 4-year-old daughter, Ryder, After she became ill, she was taken to the hospital for treatment. They haven’t shared what exactly happened, but in an update on Cheyenne’s Instagram Story, she said, “She is home from the hospital now and resting.”

Cheyenne, 29, continued, “This isn’t how I thought my day would end up. It’s been an emotional day after flying to Miami, getting the call she didn’t feel well, and returning home. 

In the photo, she showed herself in bed with Ryder, along with her fiancé Zach DavisThe couple’s eight-month-old son Ace Davis.

She said, “Even though we had other plans, I would not want to be any where else right now.” I am grateful to share my bed with my children.

Ryder was now recovering but Ryder had other thoughts. After posting another photo of the MTV star’s children snuggled up in their pajamas, Cheyenne said on her Instagram Story, “Ryder has been great today and getting better. She’s only worried that she will miss the Valentine’s Day celebration at school.