As for whether viewers will get to see the nuptials—and Cheyenne’s three planned outfit changes—on TV, the jury is still out.
Cheyenne stated that it was a “work in progress”. We are willing to do it. My parents are not…I have asked that our normal crew can attend our wedding. It is not something I want to see them do. They are an integral part of my family and relationship. We would love them to be with us at our wedding celebrations.”
Cheyenne and Zach, along with the whole family, are delighted to mark Ryder’s new milestone. Family and friends celebrated Nails By Ryder K’s launch in Pasadena on May 1 with a pop up shop.

Cheyenne stated that Ryder had named every polish. “She picked every polish. She chose her logos. She chose the bottles. “She has been a true boss.”