While some actors might go the extra mile to deliver believable performances, others may not. Ted Lasso‘s Nick MohammedHe is acting only. 

“At the end of the day, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re portraying, whatever the situation—it is pretend,” he told CelebHomes News. It can’t be real.

Sometimes it can feel that way. Real It’s clear that Nick didn’t bully people while he was watching Apple TV+, in preparation for Nate Shelley’s evil transformation in season 2. He instead relied on the guidance of his fellow stars to help him perform. 

Nick recalled preparing for his intense shouting match with Jason SudeikisA scene with Ted that was the catalyst for Nate’s resignation as AFC Richmond assistant coach. “In terms of sort of working myself up, Jason—he asked if he was alright to do this—but very much was sort of kind of getting into my space and almost being Nate’s bad demon,” Nick said, adding that Jason told him things like, “You’re rubbish. You’re an failure. You are a failure.