Believe one thing. Ted LassoBe aware that intention is the key to everything.

Nick Mohammed, who plays former AFC Richmond assistant coach-turned-rival Nathan Shelley, shared that revelation while discussing his character’s villainous transformation in season two. 

CelebHomes News exclusive: “I knew very early,” he said about Nate’s vile turn on Ted Lasso.Jason Sudeikis(“From when we’re filming the first season. Jason had roughly, in general, the outline for Nate in season one, two, and three. It’s always been my goal to see it go.”

He couldn’t be more supportive of Nate’s endeavor. He explained, “As an actor I relish the opportunity to do something completely different.”

However, he wasn’t overly concerned about viewers’ reactions to Nate’s decision to quit AFC Richmond in favor of West Ham United. “I expected that this would not sit well with some of our fans.”

Nevertheless, the foundations for his role as antagonist were laid in the first seasons.