Warning! The following contains spoilers about season 3 of the series Never have I ever.

Never Have You Everin which we can pick sides. 

Devi was the last character in season three of Netflix’s comedy. It premiered on Aug. 12.Maitreyi RajakrisnanBen’s (Jaren Lewison) doorstep, looking to cash in the “one free boink” card he gave her earlier in the season. The pair, who dated in season two, reunited and ended the season with a make-out session. 

ButThat could be a problem for Devi’s exboyfriend Paxton.Darren Barnet)? He’ll be attending college in Arizona, while Devi will remain in California. Devi appears to be finally fully committed to Ben. Were we wrong to question if there is still some spark?

Now, which team is better: Team Ben or Team Paxton. It was time to go to the source.

Jaren exclusive told CelebHomes News, “I love to break mine down into percentage points.” “I am 70 percent Team Ben and 20 percent Team Paxton because Daren is my favorite, while 10 percent Team Devi, as we all want her to discover self-love, are what I choose.”

Did that convince you to join Team Ben?