She said, “Honestly, that makes me so sad.” We had some really great conversations, and ended up on the same page. “I don’t believe that there is any animosity or anything that caused us not to be best friends. To make it sound like you lived on the other side, your story was that you put on sweatshirts and sweatshirts because you did not want me to believe anything. You are lying. It’s absurd. “Why the heck would I lie?”

Although there may be differences in details between the two, Colton as well as Tayshia maintain that they did not have any physical interaction that night. Colton referred to Tayshia’s kindness and generosity and called her “so loving, so kind, nurturing, and great”

Tayshia tells Becca about how the experience helped her to be more open with others. Her first experience with the fantasy suite was a learning opportunity. She stated that she learned that it is possible to ask lots of questions, get to know others and have nothing happen.