Authors have had a wonderful summer. Jenny Han.

The new show she created for TV I Turned Pretty in SummerBased on the young adult trilogy of her, ‘The Imaginary Woman’ premiered June 17, and became the top-rated series on Amazon Prime Video. But for Han, the icing on the cake came weeks before the show even dropped when the first trailer debuted Taylor SwiftThis Love’s Version by

Han told CelebHomes News that she didn’t know what the words meant. “That was my no. “That was my no. 1 dream to hear one of her songs on the show.”

Mission accomplished. Swift’s songs are the soundtrack to two of the most important moments of the final, such as the return of “This Love (Taylor’s Version),”, and the appearance of Belly (1996).Lola TungConrad (Christopher BrinleyThey will share their first kiss at the beach. Enjoy Swoon.