Taylor Swift‘s fans know all too well that the singer-songwriter keeps her plans on the down-low.  

In a rare appearance on the Tribeca Film Festival’s June 11, 32-year-old singer “All Too Well”, teased that she might be writing or directing another project.  

It would be amazing to create and direct something like a feature, she said. I don’t think it will be larger in scale. “I loved the intimacy of making this film. I had a very small crew and a solid team that I could trust. 

She also screened her short film All Too Well, Taylor held a Q&A at the Beacon Theater with director Mike MillsPer her interview, she shares some of her fears about the job as director after she didn’t “go to school to do this.” Variety.  

When she learned that Mike hadn’t also attended film school, she said “That makes you feel better.” Isn’t it amazing to trust your instincts? You will need to make many important decisions. Saying ‘I don’t know’ really isn’t an option most of the time.”