Taylor Swifta bad relationship with an author

A new copyright suit is being filed against the “Don’t Blame Me!” singer. She claims she ripped of the book accompanying her 2019 album. Lovers from a self-published book of poems under the same name.

Authorisation was sought in an Aug. 23 complaint that was filed before a Tennessee federal Court. Teresa La DartShe claimed “design and textual components” were taken from her 2010 book Lovers were copied into Swift’s book. According to legal documents, obtained by CelebHomes News, La Dart’s lawyers claim that Swift’s book—which sold 2.9 million copies in the U.S. alone—infringes La Dart’s copyrights and the Grammy winner now owes their client in “excess of one million dollars” in damages.

La Dart asserts that the two books have “substantially similar formats of a recollection past years, memorialized in an combination of written components and pictures.” The alleged similarities include covers that both feature “pastel pinks and blues,” as well as an image of the author “photographed in a downward pose.”