Taylor Hawkins was showed with love and praise at what tragically became his final concert.

Five days earlier, on March 20th Foo FightersAt 50 years old, the drummer was killed. Onstage at Buenos Aires’ Hipódromo de San Isidro. The group performed numerous of their hit songs including “The Pretender”, “Learn to Fly” and others. Frontman Dave Grohl then paid tribute to Hawkins before switching places and playing the drums in his place as his bandmate took center stage to channel the late Freddie Mercury with a singing performance.

There’s another person that you must remember. Ladies and gentlemen,” Grohl began, before the camera panned to Hawkins, as the crowd chanted the soccer anthem “Olé, Olé, Olé.”

Grohl stated, “You’re the best drummer ever in the world, Taylor Hawkins.” We are so proud of him. Let me tell you, he is our best friend. But you haven’t yet seen Taylor Hawkins’ pants. Want to see Taylor Hawkins’ trousers?

Hawkins, who was cheered by the crowd, then raised his arms and showed off his striped leggings. Grohl then invited him to sing, saying, “because that motherf–ker can sing, and those pants make him sound better.”