Taylor Armstrong is setting the record straight about who really revealed her marriage’s true nature.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum recently revealed that her former co-star Camille GrammerShe wasn’t the only one to reveal her abuse relationship with her late husband. Russell Armstrong. It was, in fact. Wendy WilliamsTaylor’s ex-husband was called “a disgusting person” on an episode of Taylor’s talk show in 2011.

Now, looking back, Taylor recalled denying the host’s statements during the July 11 episode of the Beyond the Velvet Rope, David Yosef podcast, saying, “It was another one of those, like, ‘What?’ Like, I’m on national television—of course I’m going to—I was like, ‘What? No!’ No!’

Simply put, she was nearly speechless. “She was the first person to say it publicly,” Taylor continued. Taylor continued, “Ofcourse I denied it because that is what people do.”