Even super heroes have to learn.

Preparation for the role of She-Hulk, a.k.a. Jennifer Walters, in Disney+ She-Hulk: An Attorney at Law, Tatiana Maslany knew she had quite the personal project on her hands—especially given the show’s flair for Marvel Cinematic Universe references and Easter eggs. 

Maslany stated exclusively to CelebHomes News, “I certainly needed to conduct my research.” “I did a lot of reading of the comics initially because that felt like the best way in to specifically She-Hulk. After that, I returned to the movies. Particularly the ones with a special guest. Mark [Ruffalo]They and the original Hulks.”

Maslany received additional MCU home-schooling by Ruffalo, the star of Smart Hulk.

It Orphan BlackThe alum said she was glad she had done her research, because there are so many references. You have to keep up with what’s next.

It’s not just that. She-Hulk is incredibly self-aware and often leans into meta commentary of the rabid Marvel fandom—sometimes making jokes about the show itself before fans online even get the chance.