Heather Rae El Moussa Tarek El MoussaYou are just one step closer to having your first child.

It The Sunset SellingCast member Flip or flip star made the exclusive announcement during CelebHomes News’ Daily Pop on Feb. 17. Heather shared that we have four embryos saved. Three of them are identical genders and each one is very strong. “The fourth is not as powerful, so it won’t likely be used.”

Heather nearly drank a lot of water while sharing the news.You can also much. “Wait,” she responded, “I’m telling you the gender!” It was good that I remembered. 

Heather revealed that she intends to have the baby by herself. Heather said, “My mother had a great pregnancy.” And my sister. So I feel like [I have] good genes, fingers crossed.”

Tarek, for His part, is “looking forward to the pregnancy weight”—hisThis is the ideal pregnancy weight. “I have already informed her that I plan to gain 30 pounds,” he stated.