This meant witnessing firsthand the “rough start” Vicki had, according to Tamra.

Bravo explained that she didn’t defend her always because they don’t always agree on everything. “I am the kind of person who will let you know if I disagree with you. No matter who you are, it doesn’t really matter. For the most part she was able to overcome her initial difficulties.

Tamra said, “Let’s just say it that way.” It was a difficult start for her.

Tamra apparently faced difficulties of her own, too—particularly when it came to Brandi. 

According to the O.C., it didn’t begin well. Housewife said. It was just a couple of days with a lot of “F you”s. It was a lot of “F you”s.”

The two of them eventually got along. Tamra said that Tamra then replied, “I kinda like you.” You have to be patient and watch.