Rebecca Pearson is truly a fine example of wine that has been aged over time. 

The deathbed, from schoolgirl to old man, is not far away Mandy Moore has played pretty much EachThe age of the internet This is us. While we are still drying our tears as we gear up for the premiere of the final season on Jan. 4, CelebHomes News discussed with Mandy what it was like playing young and old Rebecca, an aspect of the role that “terrified” her.

Mandy explained that Dan had sent her an email a few months before production began. It informed me that the collective agreement meant it was best for me to play this role at 65+. We were also going through fittings and prosthetics in order to determine if this would work.

“We have so many crazy funny photos I will have to put out—maybe once the show is done—of what Rebecca could have looked like,” the actress noted. They were scary. “I still remember my first makeup and hair test. The mask was placed over my mouth and over my eyebrows. It looked like someone had put false eyebrows in my eyes. This wig was a long, gray one. She looked like she was late 90s with the wig.