Discovery+’s newest docuseries gives Hollywood the Hollywood treatment to Hillsong Church Hillsong: An Exposed Megachurch.

The first trailer of the docuseries’ three parts was released by the streaming site on Wednesday February 16th. This previews exclusive interviews with ex-congregants and other insiders. Those interviewed discuss the rise and fall of the megachurch, as well as the impact it had on their own lives. 

Even though Ranin KarimAlthough she wasn’t a Hillsong attendee her ability to address the decline of pastors is evident Carl Lentz, who was fired for sexual misconduct in November 2020. Lentz confessed to his wife that he had cheated at the time. LauraI made a public declaration explaining that “I was unfaithful to my wife, which is my most important relationship, and for this, I am held accountable.”

Religion News Services was informed by a Lentz legal representative that they strongly deny any allegations of sexual misconduct.

And while her relationship with Carl was consensual, Ranin claims, “It was the most toxic thing I ever had to deal with.”

Lentz’s story is not the only scandal at Hillsong Church.