Ding! Ding! Ding! Sylvester Stallone has some knockout dating advice. 

A recent clip taken from the podcast’s video blog UnwaxedTwo of the three were released on Wednesday, December 2. Rambo actor’s daughters, Sophia Stallone25 and Sistine stalone, 23, revealed that their dad has imparted what they called some seriously “Shakespearian” guidance about the game of love.

“I was telling my mom about how I have a date this week and my dad suddenly comes out of nowhere,” Sophia shared of one recent encounter. “He’s like, ‘can I just butt in here?'” 

Sophia compared her dad’s advice to having “golden nuggets” of wisdom dropped on her about the search for Mr. Right.

She explained that he was talking about patience for the right man. “How the guy treat you in the beginning is a sign of his personality later on.” 

Sistine agreed with her father and shared that she believed it important to “not rush love”, but to “wait for it to happen.”