The actress is excited about starting a family, but she wants to make sure that her finances are in order first.

She said, “If I wanted to go on a 6-month vacation, I don’t have the income to pay that.” The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t know anyone to turn to for support, or to pay my bills.”  

That need for a safety net has inspired her to take on multiple projects, including a starring role in the latest Spider-Verse origin film Madame Web alongside Dakota Johnson. Sydney, who kept the details private about the character of Sydney’s character, said she joined the movie because she liked the “personal struggles” that her character experiences. 

Hollywood has, however, been an isolated experience.

“I can feel my bubble of who I can talk to and share intimate things with and have relationships shrinking, shrinking, shrinking,” Sydney said. This will be a topic you write about and no one will believe anything I have to say. It’s very, very difficult.