Sutton Stracke Garcelle BeauvaisThe title of “dynamic couple” was earned for a good reason.

It Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars are best friends on off screen—something that’s not exactly the norm in the reality TV world. But in case you had any doubts, look no further than Sutton’s CelebHomes News’ Daily PopOn July 28, appearance 

She is so easy and fun. Garcelle, Sutton said that she adores her. “We just are ourselves, so I love that people love to watch us together.”

Then she continued “When in the group, it’s kind of like, “Who are they talking about?” So when we are alone we can be ourselves, relax and enjoy laughing and having fun. Because it can be very tension-inducing when there are eight of us together.

This is not a lightly spoken statement. Season 12 RHOBH has already been quite the wild ride—and based on the recently released mid-season trailer, it’s about to get even wilder. But perhaps the most shocking moment so far was Erika JayneGarcelle curses at Garcelle’s 14-year old son Jax.