You’re right! Winter House romances.

Stars of Summer House This exclusive look at season 6 of Bravo’s hit series focuses on the aftermath of season one of cuffing. It’s actually quite the opposite. Kyle Cooke And Amanda Batula‘s nuptials might be in jeopardy as the fiancés debate calling off their wedding in the explosive new trailer.

“Our entire relationship doesn’t fall under my control!” Kyle is furious, Amanda is distraught and they become friends Paige DeSorboDanielle Olivera and Ciara Miller for advice. 

Of course, there are plenty more tumultuous relationships in the mix, as both Paige Lindsay Hubbard You get caught up in love triangles. 

Lindsay jokes that Lindsay is a “free agent” and will accept any applications. “I can’t help that i have butterflies and rainbows flying out of my vagina.” 

Paige continues to unravel the myths about The HillsWhat is alum? Kristin Cavallari cozying up to Craig Conover Austen Kroll now that Craig and Paige are dating in real life.

“Are you still f–king her?” Paige asks Craig before she snaps, “Watch me f––king walk away!”